Introduction of the system

MP System – automatic parking system

This is one of the world’s most advanced and the most responsible robot parking system.

It facilitates and eases your parking. This system is able to place more cars than the traditional parking systems. There is no need to construct ramps, elevators, stairs or other infrastructures, thus enabling to have more place for the cars.

The process of parking

1. Easy to park in 
Choose one of the entrances: P1., P2 or P3!
Drive close the bar and wait 2 seconds!
Drive on the tray!
Stop your car!
Get out of the car, leave the tray!
Take a ticket from the automat, or pace your ticket to the sensor and you ended with parking in.
The process of parking is made by the system.
Leave the parking lot calmly and have a nice day!

2. Easy to park out  
Take your ticket to the Payment automat.
The elevator immediately takes your car, which you might follow on the monitors.
The elevator’s door opens and your car arrives.
The tray turns your car to the driving direction, so as you shouldn’t have much to do, just to sit in your car and drive away.
This process takes approximately 60-90 seconds.

Clear building
We welcome handicapped drivers too, as the entrances are clear, accessible. The robot takes the role of parking instead of the driver.

Choose the simpler, more comfortable, more effective solution for parking!
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